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Paco Gonzalez-Gil

Works and researches in architecture and urban innovative practices

[Acerca de mi]

Paco Gonzalez-Gil at Medialab-Prado (2015)
Paco Gonzalez-Gil at Medialab-Prado fablab during Open Source Public Space Devices (Madrid, 2015). Photo by Julio Albarrán.

Now working on…

ASD publics, research assistant. TURBA IN3/UOC

CreaTures, research assistant. RMIT Europe + OKF.fi

Assistant lecturer in City and Urbanism. Faculty of Law and Political Science, UOC.

If you want to reach me out to talk about a project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to join your team or work as a freelance consultant.

Curriculum summary

Paco González-Gil is an Arquitecto (EHEA EQF Level 7) from Universidad de Sevilla, a Pre-Bologna Degree in the Spanish education system (MECES Level 3 ES R.D. 967/2014) which gives access to registered professional practice. In practical terms, he received a training which combines an architect and building engineering background with urban planning and urban design instruction in a program of 6 academic years plus a Final Master Project. He completed his professional training with the following professional degrees: City Management master (2008, 32 ECTS) and Urbanism for Collaborative Cities posgrado (2017, 30 ECTS) from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Paco González-Gil is developing his doctoral dissertation ‘Civic labs. Urban experimentation and participatory design of cities.’ (provisional title) and he is a research assistant in the Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory (TURBA Lab) research group from the Internet Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) a research centre of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

He has been an assistant lecturer in City and Urbanism at UOC since the 2022/23 academic course. Previously, he was an instructor in ‘Urban transformations’ and ‘Public space and citizenship’ courses in the Master of City and Urbanism (EHEA EQF Level 7) by UOC. His contributions include the co-authorship of learning materials and the co-design of the syllabus. He also has taught as guest instructor in different master programs and facilitated workshops for various institutions and organisations.

His professional career has focused on new practices in the architecture field close to urban studies and he is currently working on citizen participatory design urban projects. He has worked as an innovation consultant with different public institutions like Plan Estratégico Metropolitano de Barcelona (PEMB), Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and different bodies and programs of the Junta de Andalucía (regional government). He has also worked as a project partner for the private sector with Ecosistema Urbano, Transit Projectes, ITD, ZEMOS98 Coop. and Crearqcio Coop. among others. He has been hired as an independent professional consultant for European Projects and he was part of the City to City FAD prize board (2015-2018).

He was the promoter of #LibreBanco (2016) an urban furniture open design, chosen by La Comunificadora, a program of Barcelona Activa (Ajuntament de Barcelona) to boost projects in the collaborative and commons economy. #LibreBanco is a development of ‘open source public space devices’ (2015) a research supported by the European Cultural Foundation under the Connected Action for the Commons, which is an action-research programme and network with six cultural organisations from across Europe.

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